In December starts classical before-Christmas rush and buying marathon of presents for people who you love. Shops are decorated with lights, allure on sales and first Christmas lights light up the cities.

As you maybe know, four weeks before Christmas Advent starts. During the first week, we start with Christmas traditions and habits. One of the first important days is 4th of December when is name day of all girls who´s name is Barbora. They get cherry tree twigs, calls "barborky", and they have them in a vase with the water. If cherry tree twig blooms, she will marry until the next December. If you have more suitors, you can give to every single twig a name and the one that blooms mark the boy who will marry you.

A day after 4th of December we celebrate another tradition which is from 10th century – St. Nicolas. He comes with Angel and Devil, he wears the red coat, long white beard and staff. These three visit children and ask them if they have been good all year. And if they have been good all year, they give children some sweets and fruits or potatoes, if a child hasn´t been so good. 

During the another December weeks we bake sweets and people clean because they want to start the new year with „clean“ shield. Boys also give to their girlfriend mistletoe, which is the symbol of luck. And you need to kiss under the mistletoe. If you do it on Christmas Eve, you will be with your love next year.

We listen to carols at Christmas. We think you hear some songs, but we like Let it snow or Jingle Bells or Silent Night, but we sing this song in Czech. If you want to know some Czech Christmas songs, play on Youtube songs for example of Karel Gott.