What is Czech winter like? Did you get a mini heart attack when you were shopping for autumn clothes due to the expenses? Worry not, this might not answer any of your questions but hopefully knowing that you’re not alone with these problems will warm you.

You probably noticed that people started dressing in warmer clothes. If you are from the north, you are most likely wondering what is wrong with them and if you are from the south you probably wear more than they do. But I have to warn you, wearing winter shoes in October does not mean you will be still warm in December.


If you are asking yourself “What’s the best way to prepare for Czech winter?” For those of you who are from the south, I have two answers. Either visit northern countries for at least a month to adapt or buy enough food and supplies so that you can hibernate in your room for 3 months.

What? Do you want to take winter on? 

Whether you don‘t have enough money for 3 months worth of supplies or you’re simply feeling adventurous, worry not. Winter in the Czech Republic is fairly tame if we’re lucky enough. But you also don’t need the same fortune as Steve Jobs to actually survive it. Shops with winter clothing will usually offer discounts before the season starts, so be sure to pick up that slightly less overpriced warm jacket. Second-hand shops are also a good alternative as you get a lower price and plenty of the clothes there are still branded, so you can pretend to be that classy snob while having enough money for urban adventures.

If your student city is close to borders, you can try to find something on the other side, as plenty of shops pride themselves in having low prices. Of course, not those in the Czech Republic.

But warm attire is not all that you need. All Czechs hate cold, so the buildings are usually several tens of Celsius hotter than outside. So you need to make sure that you don’t burn in your winter clothes during a class. But not all buildings have the same temperature. Not only that but outside might be really windy and really wet. In short, all you need to do is to have clothes for all types of weather and temperature at all times on you during winter. Easy, right? So, rush to that shopping centre to make sure you catch the biggest discounts before some other Erasmus students buy out all those lovely boots you saw online.


Katarína Senešiová

Press team