As one of its kind, Eduk8 Starter is a special event between these of ESN. Its mission is not only to connect people and provide a platform for sharing, but it aims for more; beyond simple educating of our network. Eduk8 Starter gives its participants tools to craft lives of people around them eventually. Why eventually? Many of us, this-year participants, were interested in secrets of preparing workshops and developing others. It is to say that many of our expectations were of the borders of what Eduk8 Starter truly provides. There are many myths around ESN training for trainers and people just build the picture in their minds. But the reality is what matters the most.

For me, Eduk8 Starter was a possibility to receive necessary tools, methods, and knowledge to gain confidence in delivering workshops. The first step towards the true meaning of being a trainer. What we’ve received was all this and more. We’ve met amazing people who gave us the opportunity to learn through realising different aspects of human being. Through reflections, discussions, questions, and talks we were led to think deeply whether the path of a trainer is the one we want to follow.  And the answer did not only come from observing ourselves, but also allowing people around us to share.

Eduk8 Starter will not change your life. But it provides questions allowing you to do so by yourself. It teases your mind and forces you to doubt yourself while accepting your personality and comparing yourself with others. And as every Eduk8 event, it gives you as much as you bring in; making you responsible for your own life journey. 
This-year Starter edition was very special; for each participant, for Eduk8 itself, for ESN CZ. The 44 participants made the first step to the trainer path and, for the first time in the Eduk8 history, all of us were accepted to the pool of Eduk8ers. And ESN CZ? We not only have now two more Eduk8ers among us but also, by co-facilitating one of the tracks of eight-days training for future trainers, Ivánek (Ivan Kobelev) have closed the Eduk8 life cycle. 

Eduk8 Starter did not change our lives, but we are now ready to leave our comfort zone and be confident to start our new journey. Looking forward to meet you on the way!

Radka Nováková - President of ESN CZ

Terka Vlasáková - ISC CTU in Prague