Relevant information in English available below. For the Czechs, we had to come up with some creative inside jokes, which are hard to translate/transcreate. Sorry. The NP should be in English, or you should have an English speaking person at your disposal, should you decide to come. And you SHOULD! Oh, if you want to go straight to the form, just scroll to the bottom of the page. You will miss out on some information, but you can read it later anyway.

"Před dvěma léty, pane nadporučíku, řekl plukovník, přál jste si být přeložen do Budějovic k 91. pluku, Víte, kde jsou Budějovice? Na Vltavě, ano, na Vltavě a vtéká tam Ohře nebo něco podobného. Město je velice, abych tak řekl, přívětivé, a jestli se nemýlím, má nábřeží. Víte, co je to nábřeží? To jest zeď vystavěná nad vodou. Ano. Ostatně to sem nepatří. Dělali jsme tam manévery."  Švejk

Ačkoliv Ohři byste tu jen těžko hledali, máme pořád co nabídnout. Třeba druhé největší náměstí v ČR, nejlepší pivo a spoustu dalšího. Že by v Českých Budějovicích chtěl žít každý, věděl i Jára Cimrman. Přesvědčte se o tom i vy a dojeďte k nám na jih, do jihočeské metropole. Těšit se můžete na naší dobře naladěnou sekci a fajn strávený víkend. Jak by řekl správný jihočech: Přijeďte do Budějc na pořádný pikador. Palec nahoru, pokud víte, co to je a dva palce nahoru, pokud najdete nějaké místo v Budějcích, kde se nechá pořídit. 

And now, back to English, and back to relevant information.

So, who is this NP for? 

We would love to say that it is for everone – sadly, we do not have the capacities for it. 

There are five (5) spots reserved for each section. Given that the NP focuses on the NB elections, more experienced members will probably enjoy it a bit more. However, there will be certain parts of the programme focused on the newbies as well. And elections are fun for everyone. Riiiight? Additional spots will be redistributed based on priority lists by submitted by the LRs. 

Other people, who will be there (if they register): National Board, Advisory Board, Chairing team, NB Supporters, Alumni, International Guests (Yes, Slovakia counts as international, too... sometimes). You know what? Just read through the registration form. You can find the potential participant categories there.

Where will you sleep?

You will all get your own bed in one of two different places: one of them is a private dorm called Pedagog, the other is hostel U Nádraží. Each room has capacity for 2–4 people, two rooms share a bathroom. Buses will be scheduled to take you to the plenaries and back. More info in the Survival Gude later.

How much does it cost?

The registration fee varies depending on your position and the number of people in your delegation. 

Local sections – 5 people for 800 CZK each; every other person above 5 from one section 1 300 CZK;
International guests – 60 € (the fee for international guests also includes a T-shirt; please make sure to let us know your size in the comments in the registration form below).

Preliminary programme:

Thursday (optional): If you want to spend some more quality time in the south of the country, you can come on Thursday. In that case, you'd have to pay extra 300 CZK for the accommodation, but we will show you how and where the real, genuine, one and only, Budweiser Budvar is made.

Friday: Arrivals (you can arrive at any time you want, just keep in mind that we will officially start at 13:00), registrations, position meetings, plenaries, South-bohemian night

Saturday: Infomarket, plenaries/workshops (to be announced – you can also propose your topics here), evening programme, party

Sunday: Plenaries, Hluboká nad Vltavou

All of this will be mixed with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffe breaks. You know the drill.

  • Place: České Budějovice 
  • Date: 20. - 22.04. 2018
  • Number of spots: 160 (5 per section)
  • Registration fee: 800 CZK/1 300 CZK/60 €
  • Deadline for registration: 25. 3. 2018 
  • Deadline for payments: 8. 4. 2018

In order to register, you have to be logged in on this page using ESN Galaxy. If you are not sure what it means, please contact your LR or Vicepresident of ESN CZ (
After completing the registration form, make sure that you submit it, there is also a review step before submitting. Due to the way the form is set up, you can also edit your response after submitting. This is especially useful for the LRs, who have already registered, and need to make changes to the section Priority list.

20/04/2018 to 22/04/2018
800 CZK / 1 300 CZK / 60 €
What's included: 
  • EVERYTHING... Almost
Contact details: